Quick Notes On A Sex Survey

Included in a recent issue of Men’s Health magazine were a few notes from a recent study conducted on sex habits in various cities and states.  I wanted to share some of the tidbits that I found most interesting.  I also included some of the questions/comments I am considering sending to the editor; stuff in bold was not part of the survey.

*Residents in Houston, Texas were one of the more sexually satisfied cities that were studied, as the average residents have sex an average of 101 times a year.  Does this include rape/domestic abuse?–Note: I took the high road here, and didn’t go with a cheap beastiality comment.

*The people of Atlanta, Georgia were the most satisfied in the country, having 73% of residents enjoying satisfying sex.  Sex is the third most popular activity in Georgia, after 1) watching Nascar and 2) lynching.

*Boston, Massachusetts had the lowest rate of sexual satisfaction (60%).  That’s not surprising to me at all.  I’d have a headache every night if I had to listen to that God-forsaken accent all the time.

*Utah, of all states, has the most per capita subscribers to porn websites.  Six wives, and still yearning for the forbidden?  Really?

*West Virginia had the fewest, per capita, subscribers to internet porn websites.  Also fewest, per capita,  people who have access to the interwebs.  Also fewest, per capita, residents who can spell porn.


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